Network Resources & Peer Reviews

In this section you can find:
Baseline: The description of the starting point for all Int-Herit project partners.
Peer Reviews: Process by which the network colleagues assess the quality and accuracy of the implementation plan.


The description of the departure point of all city partners.

Link to the baseline study

Peer Reviews:

Within the frames of INT-HERIT project there there have been organised Peer Reviews aiming to review the site visits performed during the transnational meetings. Outputs and conclusions will be derived to present in bench-marking format the Peer Reviews and will help all partners to learn with each other. It will result in useful recommendations that will act as inputs for the project deliverables.

Template used for the reports

Here you can find all the Peer Reviews of the network:

  1. Peer Review Baena – Castle
  2. Peer Review Baena – Torreparedones
  3. Peer Review Armagh City – City Centre’s key Heritage Assets
  4. Peer Review Armagh City – Armagh Goal Prison
  5. Peer Review Kortrijk Region (Intercommunale Leiedal) – Transfo
  6. Peer Review Kortrijk Region (Intercommunale Leiedal) – Spiere Pool
  7. Peer Review Alba Iulia – Princely Palace & Citadel
  8. Peer Review Espinho – Espinho ARU & Castro Ovil
  9. Peer Review Sigulda – Castle Complex
  10. Peer Review Dodoni
  11. Peer Review Cahors

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