Espinho City Hall’s Urban Rehabilitation

Voxpop video of the Portuguese partner -ESPINHO

Int-Herit is a project that came to help the process of Espinho City Hall’s urban rehabilitation (Portugal), focusing on two fundamental projects:

  • the recovery of the Castro de Ovil, which was in ruins.
  • the intervention of RECAFE (The Re-qualification of the Espinho Railroad Canal) at the centre of the City, crossing all the city through the centre.

In the video, we can listen to the opinions of different stakeholders, such as Vicente Pinto (the Vice-Mayor Espinho Municipality), Joao Castelo (an arquitect), Alexandre Santos (the Director of Espinho Music Academy), José Pinho (a tradesman), Joaquim Meneses (a tradesman), José Luis (a restaurant manager), Isabel Tavares (who has historic store), and Filipe Pereira (a hotel manager).

All the people interviewed have great expectations and enthusiasm for the project. They feel development will improve commerce and bring more visitors. They emphasise the idea that the community as a whole must be integrated into these projects to succeed.

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