Alba Iulia Citadel

Voxpop video for the Romanian city – Alba Iulia, the so called the other capital.

The city of Alba Iulia is one of the most important urban centres of Romania, a place of monumental historical significance with monumental gems, such as the Apulum Roman camp, the Transilvania Princely Palace, the Catholic Cathedral, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Batthyaneum Library, the Museikon, the National Union Museums and the Union Hall in which the Romanian Nation was declared.

The INT-HERIT network organized a meeting in Alba Iulia with the partner cities involved in the URBACT III Project in order to analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of a cultural heritage strategy.

In this video, we can listen to the experiences of Carmen Preja (National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion), Ciprian Dobra (Principia Museum) and Liviu Stanciu (ULG Member, Communication and PR Manager), talking about the importance of restoration and a marketing plan in order to increase the number of tourists and cash-flow in the city.

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