Here – the first video case of the city of Mantova (Italy)

Le pescherie de Giulio Romano is one of the cornerstones of the regeneration action at the heart of Mantova’s commitment to the Int-Herit project. The story in images of the action that the city is carrying out in collaboration with its local network of stakeholders in the URBACT network dedicated to the themes of cultural heritage.

Mantova granted the regeneration of this monument in the heart of the city, rediscovering in this way part of its history. INT-HERIT project supports the partner cities with the innovative and sustainable management of the cultural heritage.

The project has some objectives:

  • Restoration of the monument in order to open it to the public
  • Reopening of the permanent access to the Rio canal banks, to recreate the connection among the town of Mantova, its citizens and its water.
  • Open the attic part to be a unique great hall, create cultural activities, economic activities, and a cafeteria with local and organic products.

Funds are coming from banking foundations and other fundraising activities.

In this video, we can listen to the experiences of Paolo Corbellani (INT-HERIT ULG member), Sebastiano Bertoni (architect), Stefania Roversini (microbiology professor at Mantegna High School), among others.

Le Pescherie de Giulio Romano in Mantova

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