Dodoni – Voxpox’s

Voxpop videos of the Greek partner DODONI.

Dodoni is a cultural and touristic centre in the Epirus Region of with many assets among which the ancient theatre of Dodoni, one of the biggest in Greece.

Within the URBACT implementation network INT-HERIT working on heritage strategies in small and medium-sized European cities, the municipality of Dodoni aims at balancing the display of cultural resources and at promoting and upgrading cultural tourism in a sustainable way.

In the first video, we can listen to the experience of Maria Mizithra, Dodoni ULG member and CEO at the Co-operative Bank of Epirus, talking about the Project INT-HERIT in the partner city of Dodoni (Greece). She argues that the municipality is positively affected by the cooperation.

INT-HERIT Voxpop – Maria Mizithra

In the second video we can listen to the experience of Vassilios Hiras, the Vice-mayor of Dodoni. He talks about the program on the cultural heritage management.

INT-HERIT Voxpox – Vassilios Hiras

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